Compare LowCode vendors, ISVs and partner landscape!

LowCode Vendors

LowCode vendors: some are pretty aggressive in their sales strategy, but in general they are all the same. Their platform can do anything and is the best. Sure! 

We skip those sales and pre-sales people because it's our sincere advice to rigorously test before you buy. When you are using free platforms or better-priced platforms, perhaps it's ok. But when you find yourself being locked in to a three million-a-year platform, which needs a team of 50 developers to maintain your self-built software, you should really question yourself whether you still have that ROI on your LowCode platform. (And yes, this is an actual example)

There are some very happy customers and ISVs using LowCode. We have seen successful projects and transitions for companies that started using LowCode.

Also, the vendor is important when it comes to service. Service lock-in is part of most platform vendors and that is no problem, as long as they provide good service. To be honest, most platform vendors do a pretty good job, but some do better than others.

If you want to become a reseller or partner of LowCode vendors or build software as an ISV again, some vendors perform better than others.

LowCode Platform

OutSystems | Service lock-in | Professional service | Good community
Mendix | Service lock-in | Very professional service | Good community
WaveMaker | No service lock-in | Mediocre service | Small community
Betty Blocks | Service lock-in | Very helpful service | Small community
Thinkwise | No service lock-in | Professional service | Small community

Platforms for professional ISVs

Wavemaker low Code platform


Fully open LowCode platform, no additional costs rolling your apps out to your customers. No costs per user.

OutSystems Low Code


Don't do it unless you host your app as a full SAAS solution!  Code isn't protected and the ISV mechanism is very bad.
mendix Low Code platform


Let's you develop your ISV models in Mendix and you can protect them easily and place them in their store. 

Best platforms for experienced developers

Wavemaker low Code platform


Best platform for experienced developers, they will love the open architecture and unlimited control without lock-in.
OutSystems Low Code platform


Not as open as Flutter, but still a good option for C# .NET-minded developers. The learning curve with OutSystems is fast.
Google Flutter


Fastest way of delivering multi-experience apps. Experienced developers love it. Not LowCode but certainly multi-experience.
Mobile developers seem to have more problems with LowCode than web developers. Why? Because LowCode platforms seem to have more trouble keeping leaky abstractions out of mobile development. When bugs enter the development cycle, developers want control over the code and that is where LowCode platforms have issues. For mobile development, Flutter and WaveMaker are the only platforms where developers are in full control.

Some recommendations from our experienced developers

As general advice, we would like to recommend that you try platforms before you buy. Don't waste time on a demo by the vendor; everything will work and everything is possible until it isn't!

Make sure your developers can play around with the platforms for some time - a few weeks is not enough. Make sure your platform has a large enough community so that solutions to platform problems can be found easily.

Let developers tell you which one they like the best, as they are the ones who need to work with the tool. Don't use LowCode platforms for complex mobile apps, as they are far more complex than web apps and when you encounter bugs, developers will want control over the code.

General recommendations

Try before you buy.

Don't use LowCode for complex mobile apps.

The more open the better.

Check the developer community.
More expensive is NOT always better.