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Thinkwise overview

With the Thinkwise LowCode platform you can create comprehensive business applications that integrate seamlessly with all your business processes. This requires only minimal technical expertise. As a result the Thinkwise platform can increase your productivity enormously. New propositions or business processes are converted in no time into a perfectly tailored solution. Also, in addition to flexibility and speed, your software is automatically kept up to date technologically. 

Clean up your back-log in no time, dismantle legacy software and make your organization flexible again with software that integrates seamlessly while being easily adaptable - even after implementation. With Thinkwise you create software quickly that fits perfectly with your business. Developing with Thinkwise goes very quickly: the productivity of Thinkwise platform developers is more than 10 times higher compared to that of developers using programming languages such as C# or Java. Perhaps the best part is that software realized with the Thinkwise platform is completely technology-independent and therefore never has to be rebuilt.

Thinkwise | 3 reasons to start


Software developed with Thinkwise integrates seamlessly with business processes. Integrations are available with HRM systems, RPA tools and Microsoft Office.

Up-to-date technology 

Core business applications are the foundation of your organization, so you don't have to keep renewing the platform. It is technology independent - you only need to maintain a digital blueprint.

Start quickly

An IT professional is at work within a week in the Thinkwise platform. All known concepts are supported. The platform can be learned quickly with the e-learning environment.

Thinkwise | 3 reasons not to start

Citizen Development 

The Thinkwise platform is intended for complex projects and is therefore not suitable for development by citizen developers. Users of the Thinkwise platform have different skills.


If you have no IT knowledge,  you should start learning about low-code enterprise software modelling. They offer it for free, but it will cost you a lot of time and time is money.


The Thinkwise Platform is not aimed at developing B2C apps or web portals in which screens have to be made pixel-perfect.

ThinkWise LowCode

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  • Agile project management
  • ERP software solutions 
  • LowCode
  • Shared database tenancy
  • 1 environment per app
  • Free e-learning
  • Community support 

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