Our partners are not companies, they are people you can trust!

LowCode Experts aims to work with trusted advisors in the field of software development who have a broad managerial or technical background in LowCode development platforms. We don't work with companies, because people move to other companies. Our trusted advisors were recommended to us by other trusted advisors and are free to recommend companies, software vendors or specialists in the field.

Our Mission

LowCode Experts aims to deliver relevant information on LowCode options from the trenches. LowCode Experts is a platform for professionals in the LowCode arena to discuss and research LowCode offerings and businesses. Our platform is open to all LowCode vendors who can prove to our strict standards that their platform is a LowCode or multi-experience platform.

Low Code expert Jurgen Bettonviel

Netherlands | Jurgen Bettonviel

Jurgen is an all-round, hands-on software designer and architect with experience in C#, .NET OutSystems, WaveMaker and Google Flutter. He has acted as project lead and is a smokejumper when technical constraints need solving. Furthermore, he is CTO at B-Synergy, an OutSystems Partner, WaveMaker Partner and with certified Mendix developers that specialize in LowCode and SAP, where he is in charge of research and innovation. You can talk to him to get an honest opinion about the upsides and downsides of LowCode.
Mark Slooff Low Code expert

Poland - Netherlands | Mark Slooff

Mark Slooff has years of experience in Intelligent Automation and LowCode. He is a co-founder of Conveniunt Legal Tech Solutions. Conveniunt, Latin for 'agreement', offers one single platform for all contracting activities, enhancing data privacy and security, reducing liability risks, and providing a full audit trail. He is also a co-founder of Sourceful ICT in the Netherlands and Poland. He understands very well the limits and possibilities of LowCode. As he has worked with many LowCode customers thanks to his former job as an OutSystems sales representative, he knows the best partners in the Netherlands.

Eloi Guterres

Portugal | Eloi Guterres

Eloi is a recognized CIO, CTO, board member and IT strategy & innovation advisor. He is a very intelligent, friendly person with broad international experience in IT. He worked at OutSystems and later as CIO in the Portuguese banking industry. He is very interested in innovation and has his own podcast channel where he shares his views. He feels at home in large and international enterprise environments. Talk to him when you want to discuss your business strategy, and how and if LowCode would be beneficial to your goal.

Slovakia | Alex Trefilov

Alex Trefilov as the CEO of ELMA365 is focused on helping clients strengthen their digital strategy with LowCode Tools. Alex has led consulting and development teams and supervised the launch of RPA division. Now, with more than 12 years of experience in LowCode tools, he has a unique combination of technical skills and a deep understanding of business needs. He has already helped more than 2000 customers from 30 countries achieve their automation goals. With the best practices at hand, he knows all the ins and outs of business automation.
Marketing and HR Director

Slovakia - Netherlands | Yulia Bataltseva

Yulia Bataltseva is a Marketing and HR Director with 12 years of experience. A true expert in marketing, Yulia knows exactly how LowCode can generate value. She has a deep understanding of the unique benefits of this approach and its exceptional elegance that make it one of the easiest ways to digitally transform your business. LowCode attracts a lot of clients and partners, and Yulia has helped 3,000 customers achieve their business goals and digitalize their business to accelerate growth. Talk to Yulia about building your business strategy and learn how LowCode can help you implement your ideas.
LowCode expert Craig Terblanche

South Africa | Craig Terblanche

Craig creates inclusive exponential growth in entrepreneurship and innovation. He talks about entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial mindset, and offers exponential growth by advising on exponential technologies and exponential organizations. You can talk to Craig and ask him how LowCode can be a great tool for exponential growth, how LowCode influences your organization, and how you can come prepared when adopting LowCode in your organization.