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What is service lock-in in LowCode?

Service lock-in in LowCode occurs when a problem with the LowCode platform cannot be solved by you, and you are dependent on the whims of the LowCode vendor. Service lock-in can cause your projects to be delayed. The business case for buying LowCode then becomes compromised. Developers get a bore-out; they look for a solution and feel pressure from business stakeholders. Incomprehension at the long waiting times and unsatisfactory answers from the service department of the LowCode vendor put even more pressure on your project. "If only I could access the code," cries a stressed developer. Alas, you did not choose an open LowCode platform.

But then comes the solution. For a mere 100K, the LowCode vendor can offer you an expert services contract. After all, the platform can do everything, and any mistakes must be down to your developers. If this is a familiar story to you, then know that you have three options. You may no longer believe in the promise of LowCode, but unfortunately you can't justify the disinvestment in the platform. So do you continue, or do you switch to the "old" way of traditional software development?

Which LowCode platforms are open? Compare them now! 

An open LowCode platform cannot, like other platforms, use a pricing strategy based on users, counting tables or counting apps.

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