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What is a motivating factor in respect to IT?

Motivating factors inĀ IT are aspects such as challenging work, recognition of one's achievements, responsibility, the opportunity to do something meaningful, participation in decision making, a sense of importance to an organization, etc.. In fact, anything that provides positive satisfaction arising from the intrinsic conditions of the work itself, such as recognition, achievement or personal growth.

IT applications are often seen as hygiene factors, because nobody has a happy feeling when using software. For CFOs, IT just places a lot of demand on the cost centre, so they aren't happy with it. CEOs then? Nope, they listen to the CFOs telling them IT is costing a lot, but they also realize that a business needs administration software. Therefore most CIOs are pressed into a defensive position where they are pressured to reduce IT costs.

In most companies, IT is seen purely as a hygiene factor. But I bet that the C-Level of large taxi companies wish they had come up with the Uber idea!

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