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Enable collaboration with a wide range of developers using a common visual language and dedicated IDEs to meet business needs quickly and efficiently. Build and deliver portable, scalable and resilient applications without specialized expertise. Deploy anywhere in one click.

Visually design context-aware smart applications that deliver exceptional user experiences across a range of touchpoints and modalities. Embrace smart applications; seamlessly connect AI and cognitive services to elevate your solution. 

Dedicated workflow editor to Deliver end-to-end process automation with applications that bring people, data and systems together.

Open and extensible at every level: platform, models and applications. Integrate data and logic from any data source, system or service.

Mendix | 3 reasons to start.

Citizen Development

Mendix has a superior developer experience for citizen developers and delivers the best integration between business, citizen developer and professional developer.

Java Architecture

Mendix is based on a future-proof Java architecture. Mendix can easily be extended by third-party ISVs or your in-house professional Java or mobile developers. 

Global adoption

Mendix has a large, global customer base and a mature community that helps developers build apps. Mendix is stable and now part of the Siemens group. Mendix has a native experience with SAP.

Mendix | 3 reasons not to start.


Mendix licenses are based on a base price plus end-users per app. This makes Mendix a very expensive platform with low ROI (Return on Investment). Lock-in is the main cause for low to none ROI in the 

long term.


Mendix applications cannot run without the Mendix platform. When applications are near end-of life or stable, without many changes needed, you will have to keep paying licences for users and infrastructure.

Closed Architecture

Mendix-interpreted code cannot be changed in a conventional Java way with Eclipse. When leaky abstractions occur in Mendix, companies are dependent on goodwill and/or service contracts with Mendix.

Mendix Low Code

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What do you get with the free edition?

  • Agile project management
  • No code & LowCode
  • Deploy to Mendix cloud
  • Shared database tenancy
  • 2 environments per app
  • Free online trainings
  • Community support 

Mendix prices


€ 50


5 users included

+€10/additional user per app

Everything in free, plus:

  • Your app is always on - first in stack
  • Access your log files
  • 9/5 Support
  • 99.5% Uptime guarantee


€ 800 for one app

€2000 for unlimited apps


+€10/per user per app

+€25/per user  for unlimited apps

Everything in basic, plus:

  • Customer success manager
  • Project dashboard
  • Enhanced deployment options
  • Dedicated database tenancy
  • 4 environments per app
  • Ops dashboard
  • IDP integration
  • Vertical scalability


€ 1600 for one app

€4000 for unlimited apps


+€10/per user per app

+€25/per user  for unlimited apps

Everything in standard, plus:

  • Private app store
  • Flexible no. of environments per app
  • Enhanced vertical scalability
  • Horizontal scalability
  • HA/fallback
  • Advanced infrastructure control
  • 24/7 support
  • 99.95% uptime guarantee

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