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What is LowCode?

According to Gartner, LowCode platforms are the evolution of RAD to cloud and SaaS models. But what does that mean? Is LowCode the same as RAD (Rapid Application Development)? In our opinion yes, so to answer the original question we would say LowCode is a RAD platform that has a mostly visual way of developing and deploying applications. We do not agree with the "to cloud" part in the Gartner definition. In fact, an evolution from RAD to anything else should NOT restrict developers or companies to cloud-only development.

In Gartner's terms of LowCode development technologies, we consider only the LowCode Application Platform (LCAP) and Multi-experience Development Platforms (MDXP).

Although Gartner has a different approach, probably driven by the money spent by its customers wanting to be called LowCode vendors, we at the LowCode experts consider LowCode to be a full-stack development environment. We are only interested in platforms that offer a development environment where database, logic and front-end for web and mobile can be built from a single development environment. On top of that, we clearly favour LowCode platforms that can deliver a cloud and on-premise LowCode, or even a local experience.

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