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ELMA365 overview

ELMA365 is a business process-based platform for low-code app development. The platform has a variety of preset apps like Document Management, CRM, and Project Management that allow a quick and easy start. More specific solutions like Compliance Management and HR Services are available at the ELMA365 Store free of charge. 

ELMA365 can bridge various enterprise software solutions using open API for integrations. Alongside automated workflows, the platform features a set of collaboration tools including Activity Stream, chats, and custom-designed email notifications. All of them are linked to workflow tasks and let users exchange process-related information in a single window. 

The workflows and apps are created by business experts with simple drag-and-drop tools. 

The platform is highly scalable and allows adding business-specific features with Typescript code. Training and delivery of the project can be done within a month, and enables teams to work in sync. 

ELMA365 bpmn

Business Process Model

BPMN (Business Process Modelling Notation) is a graphincal representation for specifying business processes. BPM(N) is used all around the globe by business analysts to document the flow of events and interactions between users or user groups and events happening inside businesses. Contributors of the BPMN standard are SAP, IBM, Oracle and more, making it a globally adopted form of describing business processes.

ELMA365 | 3 reasons to start

Preset Apps

ELMA365 comes with an RPA strategy and out-of-the-box apps, making it very easy to improve your business processes even running on top of legacy systems.

BPM(N) Development

BPMN model-based development gives developers a great experience and clear overview of business processes and helps a business improve their processes fast.

Reasonable Pricing

The pricing model is very friendly compared to other LowCode products. A great proof-of-concept proposition helps you compare ELMA365 to other vendors.

ELMA365 | 3 reasons not to start

Native apps

ELMA365 can't build native apps for android or IOS. Building responsive web applications, not planning to build 25 AppStore apps? No Problem!


ELMA365 doesn't have a very large international community yet. Finding Partners and support might be a risk on the short term.


ELMA365 is not an open platform, you can't access source code or run your applications independently from the Elma365 platform.

Elma365 partner

Try ELMA365 for free!

  • Available for cloud service and On-Premises. 

  • Full Access for 14 days. 

  • No credit card required. 

  • Free online training.

  • Free prototype or PoC based on your unique requirements.

Compare ELMA365!

Don't start your LowCode journey before you gave ELMA365 a try! Especially when your company does not have highly qualified developers to engage in more complex LowCode platforms, ELMA365 bridges the gap between Business Process Analyses, Business Process Modelling and Software development by using the world standard for process modelling BPM(N)

Not convinced yet? LowCode experts think this is an offer you should not refuse! ELMA365 provides a free prototype solution. Based on specific business requirements, the ELMA365 team develops a solution that illustrates the platform's capabilities. Simply compare this solution to other vendors and see what fits you best.

Pricing of ELMA365


Cloud service

Per user per month, billed annually



user/year billed



one time


CEO of ELMA365 | Alex Trefilov

Alex Trefilov as the CEO of ELMA365 is focused on helping clients strengthen their digital strategy with LowCode tools. Alex has led consulting and development teams and supervised the launch of RPA division. Now, with over 12 years of experience in LowCode tools, he has a unique combination of technical skills and a deep understanding of business needs. He has already helped more than 2000 customers from 30 countries achieve their automation goals. With the best practices at hand, he knows all the ins and outs of business automation.
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ELMA365 is looking for European partners!

ELMA365 is open for new local partners in Europe. Our partners are experts in LowCode, BPM, digital transformation and IT consulting. With industry specialization, local language and knowledge of processes and regulation, ELMA365 partners are focused on deep understanding of customers’ needs. ELMA365 guides partners from training to project implementation. We support and value our partners’ initiatives and are ready to innovate together. Our main goal is customer success.