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LowCode Experts - FAQ

Why is my LowCode platform not present?

Probably we haven't investigated your platform yet, and haven't found a subject matter expert on your platform.

Another reason could be that we do not consider your platform to be LowCode.

Although Gartner has a different approach to what LowCode is, probably driven by the money their customers spend to be LowCode Vendors, we at LowCode experts consider LowCode to be a full-stack development environment. We are only interested in platforms that provide a development environment where database, logic and front-end for web and mobile can be easily built and deployed.

Are you sure that the platform you want to promote should be part of the LowCode Experts community? Please contact us by filling in the form above or send an email to:

How can I become a LowCode Expert?

You can join our community and offer yourself as an expert. Present yourself, your experience, the company you work for and what technologies you like. If you have more than five years' experience on a LowCode platform you can certainly be called a LowCode expert. If you are also Java or .NET developer, then you become member of the LowCode experts!